Don't want to miss the best of you

Posted by Andy Zheng on

I don't know who created the ring, it seems to be a beautiful ring around a person, although this idea is unrealistic, but still woven one girl after another dream.
The girl's boyfriend never gave her what she wanted.When the emotion is not so strong, when the relationship is about to break down, the boyfriend says he wants to buy a ring for the girl, which is never better than taking a cold shower in the North Pole.I don't know which ring is your so-called good, I did not understand that kind of material is what you say is good, also cannot clear out to stay in the finger is what meaning, not how much he values, I think a person really want to and another man hand in hand together of the time, "ring" is a representative, "I really do love you.One might think that rings mean a lot, so be careful.Perhaps it feels premature.But if it's not a good time, don't mention it, and don't bring the other person over and over again to see the ring without actually doing anything about it.Promise not, should not be easily made.
The girl is really like this, obviously want to, but do not say the export, after receiving the ring is also likely to say a lot of reasons or find excuses, say what should not send, in fact, the heart has long opened the flower.Hey, girls are a duplicitous species.
If there is a ring of one yuan, as long as you buy me now, I will be very happy, but if I have to wait until the New Year, even if I buy 100 yuan ring I will not rare.Because the heart of the fire has been extinguished, but also forced a pot of cold water, how much money are not point.

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